Saturday, September 29, 2012

Neonatal Resuscitation Training

The neonatal resuscitation training began on Monday morning.  The first group of students was comprised of the best pediatricians in the country.  Some of them were selected as "Master Trainers" to teach other doctors.  The ripple effect can then go on as the trained doctors teach others the skills.  The goal is that every delivery room in the country have a trained professional to care for the babies.

Dr George Bennett and Svetlana and Jyldyz are helping get set up for the training to begin.

Marcia Bennett is working with our translator "Johnny"

Training Manual

The NeoNatalie mannequin all assembled.  These are quite amazing mannequins.  They give an almost real object to practice the techniques.  The green bulb on the left is a squeaker to indicate that the baby has been successfully resuscitated and is now crying!
Dr Mark Underwood and Dr Larry Warner are demonstrating the correct and incorrect things to do

Then the students get a chance to practice

Dr George, Jyldyz (our translator) and one of the master trainers, Jamshed

I told Dr. Mark that if I had a baby in trouble, I would want him in the room to be a calming influence.  At one of the previous seminars, a baby was delivered in another part of the hospital and he was called upon to resuscitate it!

Love this picture in our training room

At the completion of the training, the participants receive their certificates and the equipment for their hospitals, including large and small mannequins.

The first and second day participants

This is the hospital where we held the training.
Lunch was at a wedding hall next to the hospital.  Here are some of our Master Trainers with Dr Mark.

Some of our Tajiki friends

The master trainers receive recognition as teachers
A gift to us from the Master Trainers!

The master trainers, our doctors and the minister of health of Tajikistan.  The little woman by George is named Zebo.  It means beautiful in Tajik.
This really is an amazing program that the church does all over the world.  George and Marcia Bennett have gone on training trips like this for over eight years.  It was a real treat to work with them!

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