Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun at the airport -- or "Don't Mind Me!"

Traveling in this part of the world is interesting!  Many people have their luggage wrapped in plastic before it is checked. 

As we were waiting to board the plane, we were taking up an extra seat with our computer bag and as it got more crowded, we moved it so someone could sit there.  So, a young woman sat by me and then her friend came and sat between us!  So, I had to scoot over to make room.  Then, her son came and brought about 6 bags of gifts that she was carrying on and put them around our feet.  I just had to laugh and say "don't mind me"!  It's not like I was here first or anything!

Then, when the ticket agents come, everyone jumps up and crowds around the desk to go down the jetway.  Except that sometimes it's not a jetway, but some stairs that you have to walk down to the bus.  Yes, the bus.  Then after everyone crowds onto the bus, it takes you to the plane and everyone crowds around the bottom of the stairs to go up into the plane.  And heaven forbid you have to stop to put something in the overhead, because they'll most likely just crowd around you anyway!

Another funny thing about travel here, is when the plane lands, everyone claps to congratulate the pilot on his or her fine job of flying and getting us to our destination safely!  And then, even before the fasten seat belt light goes off, half of the people are already getting their bags down from above and trying to be the first person to exit the plane.

Then another fun experience is waiting to get through customs.  It's all rush rush rush.  And then everyone stands around waiting for the luggage!
We were thinking of getting a snack while we were waiting, but somehow Lard (with brown toasts) just didn't sound that great.

Ditto for Cottage Cheese Dessert.  What is that??

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