Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Day of School

September 1 is the first day of school.  No matter if it is a Saturday!  We were invited to attend the opening day celebration at the Special Correctional School.  The church has done several projects with this school over the years and it is a very good organization for handicapped children. 

All the children line up by grade outside for the program.

Two of the older children performed a dance.

The school director, Kusein, speaks to the parents and children welcoming them to a new school year.

The teachers put on a presentation about the importance of a good education.

Then it's time to go into the school.  All the children looked so nice in their suits and ties and dresses!  And flowers for all the teachers!  Quite a celebration!

This little girl was not so sure school was what she wants!

The school director visiting with a parent.
Nils Bergeson and Jane

Emily Bergeson and sleepy Harry.  The Bergeson's came along to visit the school with us.  Bro. Bergeson acted as our interpreter for the program and visit with the director.  They are a very welcome addition to our group at church.

We got flowers too!  Then we went and visited the bazaar and looked at winter clothes!

These cute girls were on the bus coming home.  They were having fun taking photos of each other, so we took some of them.  Then they turned their camera on us!

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