Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

We arrived in Dushanbe on Friday to meet up with the neonatal resuscitation training team.  The training starts on Monday so we had some time to do a little sight seeing.

This is our hotel, The Mercury.  It is like an oasis, safe and secluded.  This is a big bed or dining area outside.

Here are a few of the native costumes at a museum of Ethnography.  All of the "stans" have their own styles and designs on their clothing.  Tajikistan has very bright colors in their clothing.

Musical instruments, heavy winter socks and gloves, tapestries, jewelery and interesting hats.  Tajikistan lacks the natural resources like oil found in other countries, but they do have some beautiful gem stones.

Love this baby cradle

The Tajik flag.  This flag pole is supposed to be the tallest in the world.  And some federal buildings surrounding a park.
Alan and George Bennett, the leader of our team.
This girl was especially lovely.  Out with her boyfriend.

More lovely young ladies.

On Sunday we were invited to the home of an LDS family that lives in Tajikistan.  Their oldest son is the only Aaronic priestholder in the country.  We definitely increased their attendance this week.  It was a very sweet experience.  One of our translators lives in Bishkek, Kygyrstan.  There are a few female members there, but they don't get to have the sacrament very often.  It made me feel like we are in the center of Zion in Astana!

Sister Elaine from church (whose husband also works at the embassy) showed us around town a bit after one day of our training.  We visited a sewing factory that had once been run by the Soviets.  The women here are refugees from Afghanistan.  Elaine's friend (above) has started this group to teach the women some marketable skills so they can earn money and have dignity from working.  They make amazing table runners, place mats, aprons, etc with fabric with a Tajiki design.  And Elaine is teaching them English.

I don't know what this says, but I know what is says!
Jyldyz and Svetlana with Dr Larry

With Dr Mark.  Sorry, Svetlana, I did catch you eating!

Marcia and Svetlana
Marcia and Jyldyz

George and Marcia Bennett

Well, that's us!
Back to the airport to head home to Almaty then to Astana.  We almost missed the connection due to a delay, but they ran us through the airport in Almaty and held the plane for us.  And, the luggage even made it!

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