Saturday, September 1, 2012

More "Twig" News!

Elder Jensen was transferred last week.  He has gone to Omsk.  We had a fun visit with a guest from Montana, and our elders were given permission to preach the gospel!

We went to see Elder Jensen off at the bus stop.  Too bad he missed his plane and had to leave again the next day!  Here is Sister Talah, Elder Jensen and Elder Mitchell.

This was one of the largest groups we have had for our "Linger Longer" after Sacrament Meeting.

Alina and Tuligan are visiting with our guest Bob Quinn from Montana.  He found our meeting by searching on Google.  His hotel clerk recognized the street and he showed up!

Sister Nelson, Elder Romero and Zhanna

Everyone loved trying on the cowboy hat!

Ramon and Zhanna signing the paperwork to submit for the church registration!

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  1. So fun to read about all your adventures. You will really enjoy having this blog to remember your mission by. Miss you guys!