Sunday, September 16, 2012

A couple of Saturdays in Astana

It was a beautiful day in Astana last week.

We were invited to go to the English Club at the library that is run by the US Embassy.  The discussion topic was political platforms.  One person said that one of the parties in the US supports abortion.  One young man spoke up to say "But that's a sin!"

This is Ella and her brother Emin.  They both speak English and they showed us around Saturday.  Ella's church group has done some charity work at an orphanage and we enjoyed comparing notes.
The elders met this man when they were out contacting and he came to church.  He runs an organization for young women who do not want to keep their babies.  The young woman on the left is one of their teachers.  She speaks English and Arabic and Russian and Kazakh.  She wants us to help her with her English.  Their organization helps these young people to learn to care for their babies and to love them.
When we got home from Kiev, we needed to do a little shopping, and we discovered a huge farmer's market.  A couple of months ago, there was a festival here as well.  It was a lot cooler out today than it was in July!

Get a look at the man and his hatchet!

The baked goods are especially good.

This man is doing some serious meat chopping!


Raspberries and something???
There's always plenty of cucumbers and dill

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