Saturday, September 29, 2012

A trip to Almaty

We had an opportunity to spend some time in Almaty on our way to Tajikistan.  Instead of being stuck at the airport for 14 hours, we decided to stay a couple of days before going on to Dushanbe.  This is where the church got its start in Kazakhstan.  There is a branch there.  The humanitarian couple was moved to Astana in about 1996, so we wanted to check on some places that had been helped in the past as well as some new places. 

First we visited an organization that started about 5 or 6 years ago for handicapped women.  They started with just 8 women and now their organization covers the whole country and many other places.  We had met Lyazzat, the leader on our trip to Atryau.  I did not get a new photo of her, but she was a very good hostess and had her husband drive us all over Almaty for the day.  They are in need of wheelchairs and other supplies for handicapped persons.

 This is the rehab room.  The church donated some supplies many years ago.  The physical therapist was explaining their work with the children.  He has worked here for 4 years.

This little girl was so cute!  When I asked her name (in Russian), she answered in English!  I was so excited that she spoke English to me, that I forgot her name!  Her hands are completely disabled, so she does art with her toes.  (The translator called it the fingers on her feet.)  The bags below are beadwork done by the youth at this facility.  Her work are the two purple bags in the front.  Can you imagine doing that with your toes!!

Next we went to a library for the blind.  Here are our two interpreters and their director.  The young lady told us that she had a new baby a few months ago.  They are not completely blind, but are impaired and very fun to visit with!

I had to get a photo of this boy on the bus.  Usually the children are given a seat when they get on a bus, but this boy was standing with his dad.  I wanted to show this cute little boy learning to get his balance and his "bus legs".  I don't think I got the white knuckles look I was going for, but cute none the less!


This man took us to show a facility they had been given to hold social events with their language and computer students who are disabled.  He drove us in a car with hand controls.  I'm not sure how he was able to drive and handle the stick shift and the brakes all at the same time.  There was so much mold in there, we made it a very short visit!  His organization is requesting a freezer to be able to save the food that is donated to them for their students.

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