Monday, February 12, 2018

We're Home!

January 30 2018 was a long day for us!  We went to the temple with the missionaries and had lunch with our friends at Taco Loco for the last time.

Then we were headed back to the apartment for the final packing.  We decided to stop at Dongdaemun for a few more ties first.  After we got the ties and were almost back to the apartment, Alan realized that he had left his temple bag at the tie shop !!  But we continued home to get the rest of our baggage since Sister Sonksen was on the way to pick us up for the airport.  She took us back to the tie shop on the way.  It started snowing!  Beautiful, but it slowed traffic down.

We had a little confusion at the airport because our itinerary had allowed for 3 checked bags each, but the agent was only going to allow for 2.  Did we want to repack everything?  President Sonksen was just going to pay the extra fee when the agent got a call back telling her to allow the extra bags!  Then I realized that I had left a bag at the apartment.  It had my wallet (which I never had to carry in Seoul) and our extra tablet along with the earphones that I'd planned to use on the plane.  I thought he had taken it out and he thought I had it.  We were just rushing too much.  Plus, I had had two extra chances (my guardian angel nudging me?) to go back to the apartment.  One time, the door just did not close as I was headed to the elevator.  Then I had to go back to leave something for the young missionaries to pick up.  And still I missed it!  This all added to an extra level of stress.  Oh well!

Because of the snow storm, they had to de-ice the plane before taking off, so add an extra hour to that long flight.  We were really happy to arrive in Dallas.  It went fairly well getting through customs and checked back in for our final leg to Tucson.  We somehow got waved through to the short lines.  We had a family from the Seoul English Branch on the plane too.  They were headed to Michigan for their next assignment.

It was nice to see so many of our family at the airport.  Everyone has grown up a lot!

We went for burritos on Wednesday.

Yummy Costa Vida!

And drove by our beautiful Tucson Temple.  We actually met a few friends outside the temple that we had not seen for quite some time.

We got to celebrate Sunny's birthday.  She let us make lasagna and spumoni cake for her!  And we remembered how to do it!

Oh, and we went out for burritos again!

Happy Happy!

So, we have been released, talked in church, packed up the winter gear (the weather has been glorious here), and taken care of some other things.  We have a few more things to figure out, but trust that it will come together for us.

We were able to attend a session at the Tucson Temple on Saturday.  It is a beautiful temple!  It feels larger than I expected.  Bigger than the Seoul temple, but the same sweet spirit is there.  We met several friends too, but I was especially touched to see a sweet sister who had been our children's  Primary teacher for years in the Midvale Ward.  She wanted to know how "her children" are!

Meanwhile, back in Korea, it looks like wonderful things are happening with the Olympics.  We've been able to keep tabs on some of the activities in Gangneung with the Helping Hands Center.


Our missionaries at the Helping Hands Center across from the train station are loving their assignment these days!

This is a link to a Deseret News article about the center.

Mosiah 2:41 sums up my feelings these days.