Saturday, October 13, 2012

Visit to ..... Phoenix??!!

Shortly after returning from Tajikistan, Alan was given an assignment to escort an elder home to the United States.  He is from Casa Grande, Arizona, so it turns out that Alan was able to spend a couple of days in Phoenix.  He was able to visit with several of our children and grandchildren.  Here's a couple of photos to share from that week.

Sunny and her boys and new little one, Amber came to Heather's from Tucson.  Chelsea made a surprise trip from California and Seth came from Thatcher.  Bryan and Gabi also came up from Tucson.

Heather's Chloe and Chelsea's Damon having a blast with the Oreo's

Photo: Grandpa and Amber:)
Grandpa is getting acquainted with baby Amber

Seth Anderson

Seth and his dad

And our awesome kiddos sent goodies back with their dad. I enjoyed the ones he made it back with and hope we'll be able to track down that missing luggage!!


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