Saturday, October 27, 2012

Primary Program!

These are our lovely Primary children.  They sang "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus" for our Sacrament Meeting this week.
Galia, who is in our English group and taking the discussions is a teacher.  She invited us to her class to let the children practice English with us.  It was great fun.
They gave reports (in English) about Sports and about Attractions in Astana.  There's a clown in every bunch!
I have to add this sweet photo from home.  It is our Heather's little Chloe and Sunny's new baby Amber on her blessing day.  Our littlest angels!

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  1. Your primary children are adorable. We also had our primary program this past week. You are right, there is a clown in every group. But, just like your kids, they stood up there and did their very best. We were proud of them and all the work they had put in to getting ready. Thanks for the blog. We love following it.