Saturday, October 13, 2012

Closing Ceremonies: Montessori Room and Hearing Aids

We were able to have closing ceremonies for two of our projects this week.  The first one was to set up a Montessori classroom for a school for handicapped children.  The day before, we saw the classroom then the next day the children were there too!  They look so nice in their school uniforms.

 This boy had a close encounter with a green marker!  But he gives great hugs!

Our second project was to provide hearing aids for some people.  The government here does provide some hearing aids for school age children, but the quality is not the best.  Hopefully the hearing aids will help the people to be able to obtain better employment.  Several of them were quite emotional as they thanked us.  They asked "What church are you associated with that would do this for us?"  It is our blessing to be here and be the ones that they thank when we are just delivering the things so many have donated to provide for their brothers and sisters all over the world. 

They also asked how we ended up in Kazakhstan.  We're still trying to figure that one out!  Just lucky, I guess.

We kept the interpreters busy, from English to Russian to Sign Language!


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  1. How great that you were able to help out with both these projects.
    The audiology geek in me is way excited to know that the church does help people obtain hearing aids that that I could do that on a mission. (I even think I know what brand of hearing aids you helped to fit just by the packaging)