Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here is a photo from Red Square in Moscow.  We arrived in Russia June 12th and spent a week there.
I am at Red Square in front of St Basil's Cathedral

This is at the opposite end of Red Square from Saint Basil's Cathedral.
 Lenin's Tomb is mid-way between the two.  Behind this building you can see the wall of the Kremlin which is just beyond Red Square.
This is the changing of the guard in the Kremlin.  They kick their legs up high!  And then the horses get a turn to do a little routine.  There are several chapels all around the courtyard.  It's amazing that the churches date from the 13th century and that they endured the Soviet years.  They have a rich Christian heritage here.

This is Sister & Elder Christofferson, Elder & Sister Rasband, Bishop & Sister Stephenson who spoke at our mission conference.  They took time to shake everyone's hand.  Later that week we had stake conference in the Moscow Stake.
 This is Dima Mulikin, the Welfare Manager for East Europe Area

A few familiar foods in Moscow!

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  1. So exciting! I think you have to rotate before you upload the picture... and love Papa John's! :)