Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 2

Our "little sisters" Sister Katalyn Mayes from Layton serving in Georgia Atlanta North and Sister Aubrie Forsyth from New Mexico serving in Alabama Birmingham.  We met these sisters at the laundry room and had fun running into them all week.

This couple are Elder and Sister Thalman.  They are wheelchair specialists and shared with us their recent trip to Kazakhstan and Armenia.

 Here's Chelsea's little Damon.  I took this photo before we left Tucson.

 Some shots of our trip to Welfare Square.  Our host told us that NBC news had been out filming for a news story.

 We were taken to lunch at the Joseph Smith Building.  These are our friends the Wingets, assigned to Nigeria.  Elder Rudd spoke to us after lunch and told us stories from his years of experience.
 A nice view of the temple from the Joseph Smith Building
 This is our Skype language instructor, Tyson Eckersley


  1. You guys look like great missionaries. Thanks for the blog posts. Keep them coming! Seth brought us a Russian Book of Mormon, but it wasn't ours. How do we return it to you?

  2. So glad you have a blog! I'm excited to follow it throughout your mission. You look like you fit right in. Keep up the hard work!

  3. So glad you have a blog! Can't wait to see more posts. Looks like the MTC was a great experience!