Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trip to Almaty

Last weekend we flew down to Almaty, (about a 90 minute flight) to visit with the members down there so we can explore the possibility of doing some projects there. We arrived on a Saturday, so we walked up to see where the church was located. When we got there, the sister missionaries were setting up for a wedding that evening, and we were invited to come back. So we got to crash a Kazakh wedding. It was a blast! The couple had the civil ceremony in Astana and was headed to Kiev for their temple ceremony the next week.

The emcee on the left (Max) is a student at BYU- H that we met in Hawaii last summer when he spoke in Chelsea & Lamar’s ward. His family is one of the early pioneer families of Kazakhstan.

Then the entertainment started. First the young women and girl’s turn. Then everyone got into the mix.

This was like Fiddler on the Roof! The men dancing.

Our Kazakh / Hawaiian friend Max

Max and his sisters and parents. His sister has been called to the Temple Square Mission in September.

Elder and Sister McClelland, the senior couple in Almaty who hosted us.

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