Monday, July 30, 2012

English Club / Monsoon

Playing games after English Club
We were able to start up English Club again after not having it for a while.  The elders found some nice people who want to practice English and they like to play games too.  We're hoping that they will begin asking questions about us and why we are in Kazakhstan.  We have to put all church materials away so it does not appear that we are proselyting.

The heating pipes across the street from the church.  They use water to heat everyone's homes and these pipes are connected to all the buildings.  In the newer part of town, they put them underground.  The higher parts are so cars can drive under them.

We had a monsoon rain storm here too.  Unfortunately, the elders forgot where they were supposed to meet us, so they got to run through the storm.  They had squishy socks and shoes (and pretty much everything else too!)

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  1. Just wait until the middle of winter when they decide to stop pumping hot water through those pipes. It gets mighty cold!!!