Monday, July 23, 2012

Astana Days' Festival

Here are some shots from Astana Days.  It is a week long celebration of Astana becoming the capitol of Kazakhstan.  This year was the 14th year since it became the capitol.  There were events all over the city and fireworks and concerts every night.  The Kazak people are very proud of their beautiful city.

The street fair had traditional folk dancing.  The man in the red must be a celebrity because a lot of people wanted to take pictures with him and he was being interviewed by a TV crew.

There were lots of food booths, many of them honey.  Also mare's milk.  Who knew this was the land of milk & honey?

Proof we were there.

Our friends Janara and Alina with Elders Romero (from Casa Grande) and Harrison (Utah).  We went to watch the hip hop contests.

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