Monday, July 30, 2012


This is just outside of our entrance way into our apartment stairwell.  As you can see the tiles are held on by 4 clips.  The clips are a part of the vertical metal strips.  Under the metal strips is about 3 inches of insulation.

This is a picture of an apartment building that is going up in our neighborhood.  You can see all phases of construction.  The floors are all poured concrete.  The walls between the floors is brick or glass.  The insulation is installed then the metal vertical strips are installed.  Then the tiles are secured by the clips.  I think they are held in place that way because of the temperature extremes here.  There is also a plaster layer on the inside of the wall before it is complete.

Same building as the previous picture, except you can see a worker (orange shirt) sitting on the scaffolding waiting for the next tile to be cut so he can install it.

I took a great picture of a old building that had some issues in Kiev.  But now I can not find it.  It showed a building where the outside brick and mortar had fallen off.  It exposed horizontal logs forming the base of the wall until the windows.  There the logs were installed vertically between the windows.  A thin 2 inch wide board was attached to the outside logs at about a 60 degree angle to help hold on the mortar.  It was interesting to me to see the building processes used.

When we were in Kiev we went to the Museum of Ukraine, and it made me realize how blessed we are in America.  We have had our problems but in Kiev and Kazakhstan, they have been conquered or at war throughout their entire histories.

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  1. Love seeing and hearing of your adventures. It is fascinating to see the construction. In Hong Kong the tiles did "pop" off the walls because of a cold snap. I would guess you are right in assuming they are secured by clips to prevent that from happening.