Monday, July 9, 2012

Picnic with the handicapped children's organization

This little boy wanted his turn with the microphone!

A while back we were invited to go on a picnic with the handicapped children's organization that the Maxwells and other humanitarian missionaries have done projects with.  Kind of a going away party for the Maxwells.  The elders came along and were able to get several parents to volunteer as supporters for the church to be in Kazakhstan.  Without their help, we would not have been able to get the 50 signatures of Astana residents.

We made it!
These wheelchairs were donated by the church a couple months ago.  The logo on the back is the church's name in Russian.
Elder Turner and Elder Maxwell on the bus to the handicapped children's organization picnic

Waiting for a turn to ride the horses
This darling little girl can stand next to something but cannot walk.
Riding back to the city after the picnic.  Tired but happy!

She's having fun with Daddy!
Elder Harrison wanted a turn with the microphone too!  Doing a pretty good Josh Groban

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