Thursday, May 23, 2013

Istanbul Dinner Cruise

One of the great blessings of being on a humanitarian mission is the opportunity to attend the conferences.  Last September we met in Kiev, Ukraine and this year we got to go to Istanbul, Turkey.  We never dreamed we would have these kinds of opportunities.  They tell us that in the future, they may stop having these conferences, but we have really enjoyed them.

On Friday evening we were treated to dinner on a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus Sea.  It took an hour and a half to get to the boat due to the very heavy traffic in the city, but it was only 30 minutes on our return that night.

A few sights along the way.  This was an original wall of the city.

Up ahead is the mouth of the Black Sea.

Lots of interesting places along the shore

E/S Edwards (and Stutz in the background)

E/S Storm, E Weaver

They give us all these beautiful salads and you think you're done, but then they bring out the main course!

We hardly ever get to see a sunset

There are a lot of restaurants along the shore and lots of dinner cruises going by.  We saw that one of them had a belly dancer for their entertainment.


We were joking that we should make a brochure to encourage more senior missionaries to serve.  With all the new missions opening, we are in need of more couples.  We have an opening in our mission since the McClellands left Almaty in April and we know of a few openings in the area for humanitarian missionaries.

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  1. Cool, you guys even got to see the Golden Gate Bridge!! HAHA