Thursday, May 23, 2013

Istanbul Spice Bazaar

This is an entrance to the Spice Bazaar which is behind the Grand Bazaar.  We walked down here Saturday afternoon to see where the locals do their shopping.

Talk about sensory overload!  You can smell the spices as soon as you enter.

This is just one of many many spice markets

Every kind of Turkish Delight candies you can imagine

Beyond the spice bazaar is the Bosphorus Sea.  We wanted to see where the cruise ships port.

There were many fishermen catching little fish

There are many day cruise ships.  Our friends from the MTC, the Edwards, took this tour on Saturday, but sadly, we did not have enough time for that.

These are the kitchens for the sea side restaurants.  It looked like most of the people were eating fried fish sandwiches.

These banners were over lots of the streets in the area.  Apparently we were in the garment district of Istanbul.  Buyers come from all over to purchase clothing for their stores.  Too bad we didn't have more time and more money!  We saw people hauling bundles of clothing, cases of shoes, bread and all kinds of things up and down the streets.

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