Monday, May 20, 2013

Blind Society of Almaty

We recently completed a project with the Blind Society of Almaty.  We wanted to go visit them and see if they've been able to put their new sewing machines to use.  They were so happy to tell us that they are able to do so much more work with the new machines.  With the old machines, they would sew for about an hour, then have to wait while it was getting repairs. 

The piles of fabric in the back is for pillow cases they are sewing for the Kazakh military.

The director of the organization said they were for "Kazakh Commandos"!

This machine makes buttonholes!  I'm sorry we got there too late to see the workers.  The traffic slowed us down.  The good news is that they have plenty of work to keep them busy now with their new contract.

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