Monday, May 6, 2013

International Worker's Day (May Day)

First, we want to share one of our favorite places in Astana.  We came across it one day last summer.  We were looking for a building and as we walked behind this little place, we were amazed by the good smell!  So after we had our meeting, we walked to the front of the building to discover that it was a little bakery!

We were in the area the other day and decided to pick up a couple loaves of bread.

They almost always have people buying bread all the time.

It kind of looks like an OLD Dairy Queen or something.
I didn't notice how worn out the window frame is until we loaded the photos!  But the bread is hot and delicious.  Once we went here and I was carring a couple of loaves in a plastic bag on the bus.  The conductor made me open the bag so the bread didn't "sweat" inside the bag.
So, guess what?  We had another holiday!  This one is International Worker's Day.  We got to the celebration a bit late, so we missed President Nazarbayev's speech (and the big crowds, and security) and some of the dances.  But we still had fun enjoying the culture of many nationalities.  And we were able to show our new sister missionaries around town a little bit.  They tell us that there are over 150 ethnicities here. 


Many people were playing chess.

They had tug of rope too.

The Germans danced to a song "If you Could Yodel like Me"

Cute little Chinese girls

Here is a wide variety of Kazakh costumes

I'm not sure what country this is, but they were fun to watch

They also had displays of handicrafts and costumes from all over.  I'm guessing Ukraine for this one?

We recognized these costumes from Tajikistan

Lots of cool stuff.

The golden eagle had his wings stretched out for just a quick second.

And I can't resist getting a few photos of the kids.  This little boy is enjoying cotton candy.  It is served in a tub.  They also had carmel popcorn in little tubs.

Sister T is not so sure about this bird.  She is trying to overcome her fear of birds.
This is what's happening on the street by the church meeting place.  Those guys are in a hanging basket that looks like a crate working on the heating pipe.

You can see that our blue sky was gone.

They left a few obstacles in the way.

I'm glad I decided to wear my tennis shoes to get through this mud.

You can see how much clay is in the dirt they've dug up.  It is really sticky if it's muddy and you have to walk through it!

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