Monday, May 20, 2013

Ymit Almaty

This is our friend from the hearing aid project.  Kayrathan Shonku

We also had a project for hearing aids for 20 persons. It was fun to visit with them.

This lady received a hearing aid. She has a daughter that is learning English in school. She told us she likes to keep her hearing aid in at night so she can hear if her daughter needs her.

The lady on the left told us that the noise from the traffic was a surprise to her. Also, she was frightened the first time she flushed the toilet!

This young man is a wrestler. He told us that he will be able to do better in school now. His speech is very clear. If you speak Kazakh, it's easy to understand!
The big guy on the left is also a wrestler. They said he has 10 world championships and a bronze Olympic medal. His wife also received a hearing aid. It was sweet to see how happy they were to be able to hear their daughter's voice.

Here is the daughter.

Group photo!

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