Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Interesting Things in Astana

I found a few random things that caught my eye recently.

The girl in the back's purse matches the other girl's coat!

They're still remodeling bus stops all over town.

And there is the famous Kazakhstan bicycling team.  And to think, I almost didn't take the camera this day.  We were looking for an address (that we never did find) but we did run into Sister Vera from our branch.  So we were able to say Hello to her.
And, we found the newest fast food place in town!  Almost as good as home, but for sure better than a Kazakh hamburger!

While we were in Almaty for Zone Conference, we sang "Happy Birthday" to a few of our favorite missionaries with Sister Gibbons.

This sweet girl is our friend (from Hawaii) Maxat's little sister.  She was practicing for a talent show to be held that evening at the branch.  Since we had to leave before the party, we were happy to watch the rehearsal.  Her older sister Sabina is serving a mission at Temple Square.
Welcome to Astana's first annual Scripture Chase.  To wrap up the first year of seminary / institute, we had a contest between three teams, including our (young) missionaries.


Zoe did great too!

Our seminary / institute students and teachers

They have finished working on the fountain at the park.  It now has a pretty elaborate system that changes patterns.  Sometimes they even play music to go with it.

These are some pipes the road crew is working on out in front of our church location.  These boys could not resist climbing on them for a little fun.

These sweet girls are our friends at English Club.  We met Aiganym (on my left) on the bus one day and she's been coming to English since January.  Sadly, she's graduated and is moving back home to Almaty.  We hope we can visit her when we go to Almaty.  The girl on my right is Gulnaz and she lives in Astana with her family.

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