Sunday, June 16, 2013

Children's Day

It was Children's Day a couple of weeks ago, so our Primary sang "I Am a Child of God" in English and Russian!  We even had our two visitors sing.  They will be moving here in July.  The girl said "This is so much nicer than Ethiopia!" (where they've been living the past couple of years.)

We had the opportunity to go and help Sister Vera with her garden (dacha).  Alan was happy to get to work with the soil.

Sister Vera is setting up a picnic for us and the Sisters after we helped weed her garden.

A few days later we went back.  This time with the Elders.  The weeds had come back, but the plants are growing too.

We've had some lovely days recently.  We still get the occasional windy, cold days, but we love seeing the beautiful blue sky.  This is a large fountain.  It is so nice to see it without the ice on it!


 We rode on an extra long bus.  It has a flexible part in the center.  It may be hard to tell that it's bending as we go around a corner.

This tree is in full cotton!  This fluffy stuff blows all over the place.  On a windy day, it looks like it's snowing!

We thought this was interesting.  This old run down place is right next to one of the most expensive buildings in the city.  It is designed to look like some buildings in Moscow.  There are seven of them in Moscow, (called Seven Sisters), only one here.  We think the owners are holding on to the property until the city offers them the right price.

Alan wanted to show this piece of cable that's spliced together to get a longer length.  This has been laying on the ground at a hotel construction site.  We've seen it survive all kinds of weather conditions and so far as we know, there's been no fires or accidents because of it.

We had another first in our little "branch."  The first baby blessing today of little Ian Craig who was born last month.  We're so happy to have a new little one to love.

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  1. That's a cool picture of the blue skyline.
    I've been on a bendy bus before too, I even stood on the bending part while it was moving and I wasn't even scared! I bet you prefer the cotton "snow" over the real snow you've seen so far! HAHA!