Sunday, October 29, 2017

Wonju trip and New Phones

This is a photo of some of our senior friends.  We got together for dinner at our apartment September 30th.  Elder & Sister Bowman had just arrived to start their mission (Military).  We had taken them out earlier in the day to show them around Seoul.  We about wore ourselves out since it was just at Chuseok time and there were crowds of shoppers everywhere!  We also had Elder and Sister Nielsen and Sister Pence from the Temple, Elder & Sister Robinson (Public Relations), Elder and Sister Ulvestad (Military) and Elder & Sister Black from Seoul South Mission.  We had a great time together.

This week we welcomed another senior couple.  Elder & Sister Whiting have arrived as our medical specialists.  We're happy they're here.  He's already taken several calls from ill missionaries!

We have been trying to get out to visit one of the apartments in an outlaying area of the mission.  We decided to have Elder Whiting do the driving (break 'em in early!)  Elder & Sister Black have been wanting to visit the pottery factory we visited last year.  Actually Elder Black did not want to, but he humored his wife.

This is the wholesale shop for the dishes.  No website for them, but we've tracked them down by word of mouth.  The factory is in the back and they let us go watch the process for a while.

We did actually help the sisters with all the repairs for their apartment too.  We had to go explore the town to find a shop that sells curtains.  We were happy that it ended up successful!

To get a real Korean experience, we stopped at a highway rest stop and found something to eat.  A nice man offered to take our picture for us.

We've still had to dodge the land mines from the trees, but we're hoping it's about over since the leaves are beginning to fall now.

Big news about the new phones!  They finally arrived.  We have heard rumors for months but had no idea when they'd actually come.

So the elders have lots of training to do this week to get everyone set up by Tuesday.

Are senior missionaries allowed to use ear phones?  Now he can be like everyone else in the subways.

They are actually putting up a building on that little tiny piece of land.  They'll have to use a ladder because there's no room for a stair well!  It's like a big giant set of Lincoln Logs.

Friday we also had a branch camp out.  We went for the dinner.  We actually went to the wrong park on base and had to call to have someone come find us, but it was fun anyway.

We had our Primary program at church today.  The children did a great job.  So sweet!  They sang the first verse of "I Am a Child of God" in Korean!

They're having Halloween parties back home.  I have to share this one of our son in law and our grandson.

Who is having more fun?  Dad or baby!

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