Sunday, October 8, 2017

Life in the Big City

Who are the people in your neighborhood?  There was a house or a building anyway in this tiny little spot.  The building has been torn down and one day we see this little tractor shovel working on this site.

An older man and his wife collect boxes in this little site for recycling.

The new construction next door looks like the old style Korean building system.  It all interlocks like a big puzzle.

One day we were getting off the bus, but there was a group marching past the bus stop.  So, the driver just stopped in the middle of the street, opened the doors and let us out to fend for ourselves!

The curb is done, but all work has stopped for the Chuseok (Thanksgiving) Holidays.  The banks, post offices, lots of places just shut down for over a week.  So there should be some catching up to do.

Speaking of the holiday, the shopping has been crazy crowded.  We were getting some things at Costco for our conferences.  Everybody else had the same idea.

Get in a line to get into another line.  Wow!

Plus we had a flat tire!  Luckily the gas station was open.

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