Sunday, October 8, 2017

Chuseok Conferences

This week has been a big holiday for Koreans.  Chuseok is a mid-autumn festival on the day of the full moon.  Like our Thanksgiving.  Families all gather together to celebrate.  Lots of people are out of town.  Our cute little neighbor brought some treats up for us.  Since it is hard for missionaries to have teaching appointments during the holidays, the Sonksens planned mission conferences on two different days.  We held it at the new chapel so everyone got to see how beautiful it is and what the future of the church is going to be here.

After the elders found out about the Hanbok shop, everybody wanted to get one too!

These two decided to come as farm workers.  Or prisoners?

Rolling a hoop relay race

Lots of fun learning traditional Korean games, jumping rope,

Tug of War,

Scripture Puzzles

Eating, and we celebrated Sister Anderson's birthday!

Sister Sonksen twirled her baton while we sang "The Big Brass Band"!

It was wonderful!

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