Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hanbok, Nokbeon Festivals

We made some new friends at the Hanbok Festival Saturday.  They were asking about our favorite Korean foods and attractions.  They asked if I had any American money to show them.  I had a $5.00 bill and one boy said "Abraham Lincoln"!  They had been practicing their English lessons!

You can see a big blow up bicycle in the background because they had lots of bike stuff on display too.

This girl is pedaling to make electricity for the cotton candy machine!

A fashion show?  Lots of people were dressed up.

This Fall Festival is held on a street by the chapel in Nokbeon, so the missionaries and members had some games, face painting and some activities too.

Lots of people like using the church bathroom facilities too.

The elders had a cute game where he has to guess what the card is on his hat.

The kids acted out what the card says until he gets it right.

Everyone got a free paper hat.

Lots of missionaries around!

Lots of food to try.

These little crabs were battered and deep fried.  They let us taste one.  It tasted pretty good, but it'd be better if they took the shells off first.  It took a while to get all the shells out of our teeth.

The police had these guys out taking photos with the kids.

A few performing groups.  Some traditional Korean, and some not so traditional.  There were some belly dancing groups. Some of the dancers made me feel better about my figure. (No photos)

This is a rice thresher that the kids could operate by a foot pedal.

This machine pops out rice cakes!

After church today, the road was blocked off for this game.  Hundreds of tables were set up.  The game is called baduk.  Some kind of board game with black and white stones.  I don't know.

The building next door is coming along.  They now have plywood on the roof.  They're making lots of noise, so apparently they're making progress.

I guess they're making progress on the side walk too.  At least on the gutters.  Now we get to walk in the street.  At least they put up cones to keep us safe from the buses.

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