Sunday, September 3, 2017

Transfer Week!

We were happy to welcome 16 new missionaries on Tuesday!  And three of them are from Arizona!  We were waiting for their dinners to be delivered to the mission home and when our elders called to check on it, they discovered that it was ordered for the wrong day.  (Oops!)  But the restaurant was able to bring dinner anyway, just a few minutes late.

They looked more rested the next morning.  After they met their companions and had a little training, they were off to work.

But that means we had to send some back home.  11 went home this time.

Including one of our favorite office elders!  Love you Elder B!

We also spent some time looking for some apartments this week.  We have three senior couples in line to arrive in the next few months.  Our replacements have been called and will enter the MTC on January 1, 2018!  And thankfully, the weather has eased off to a more comfortable-ish temperature and humidity.

On Saturday we were able to go to our District Temple day.  We had two full English sessions and lots of other work too.  One of our senior couples helped provide baby sitting so the young couples were able to attend together.  Several people have commented on the promise given at the Seoul Temple dedication that the people will be protected as they attend the temple regularly.

And here's an update on the de-construction project next door.

Now they're starting to tear down the brick part of the building.  The roof has been removed from the main part of the building.

We saw this display of different kinds of masks all over the world that was pretty interesting.

Our friend has a son serving in Houston Texas.  We saw some photos of the damage to their mission home and office.  We're grateful that we're safe here.

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