Sunday, September 10, 2017

Chapel Open House

These elders needed some more light in their apartment.

After we helped them, we went through this marketplace.

It's chili season again!

All kinds of dried fish and other sea creatures.

And turtles??

It was a huge market.  We did find some nice kiwi, apples and a watermelon.

One of our office elders had a birthday.  We celebrated with Indian food!

We went out to find another apartment this week.  The agent spoke Japanese so she & Alan got along fine!

As we left the office, we discovered that they're redoing the sidewalks.  Be careful not to fall off!  Just another project they're working on.

It's time for Zone Conferences again.  Seoul and Gangneung Zones met this week.  There will be three more next week.

Saturday was the open house for the new Seoul Stake Center.  It is an amazing beautiful building!  The missionaries gave tours in the afternoon.  In the evening, they had a program.  Several wards had a choir, a few soloists and our missionaries sang.  They did great!

We've had some serious medical issues back at home.  Our daughter's mother in law had a liver and kidney transplant.  

Our four year old grandson had a nasty fall. When we talked to him he was excited about his new puzzles and coloring books!  Thankfully, they are both doing well and on the road to recovery.

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