Sunday, November 5, 2017

More fun in Seoul

At church last week we met a young man and his father that were visiting in Seoul.  They had lived here a few years ago and had come back for a vacation.  Just before they left on their trip, the son had opened his mission call.  He will be coming to the Korea Seoul Mission!  He will arrive here in March.  We told the Sonksens that we had someone who would like to meet them and they came to the office on Monday.  They were surprised to be able to meet one of their missionaries before he went into the MTC.

We also had a missionary return to the mission after being home for a while.  That's always a happy day!

We've been working on emptying out some apartments recently.  One day, the elders showed us a fun place for lunch.

Don't ask what it's called.  Some kind of ramen with "American Meats" (spam and hot dogs?).  But it came with unlimited Tater-Tots!  And kimchi!!

Saturday was our district temple day.  We had several of the senior couples there.  The Blacks will be returning home to Utah this month.  We also had a surprise visit from Elder & Sister Park who went home to Australia last year.  They had served in the Seoul South Mission.

We had a wonderful day at church today.  From the opening hymn "Israel Israel God is Calling".  We had visitors from Russia that brought a special spirit to our meetings.  Luckily, we have a young man who was able to translate for them.   We had testimonies in Tagalog and Russian.  It was sweet to our ears to hear the Russian testimonies and it was nice that we could still recognize a few words, but mostly it was nice to feel the Spirit.  Then a sweet baptism of a filipino sister after the block.  Then we had a "Break the Fast" luncheon afterwards.  We have volunteered to be adopted into the filipino group!  It is a special, unique branch of the church.  

The Olympic torch has arrived in Korea.  They had a welcoming ceremony at the Incheon Airport and now it is in the south part of Korea.  It will be coming through our neighborhood in January.

This is how the flame was transported from Greece.  You can follow along at:

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