Sunday, August 6, 2017

6 August 2017

There is a park and library near the mission office.  But it is uphill from the office.  There is a difficult way to get up there that involves a lot of stairs.  We found another way to get there that is not as steep, but it quite a bit longer.  This statue is up by the park.

There is another park closer to our apartment and we figured out that we could get to that one and back to home from this one higher up the mountain.

There's a pretty good view of the city from here.  We were trying to spot our apartment building.  It is just before the tall buildings.  The green area on the left is the old palace and the new president residence is beyond that.

Another tiger up here.

The last part coming down hill has a rubberized sidewalk, so it makes the down hill section nice (and faster).  But it is quite warm and humid these days.  We get a few thunderstorms or sprinkles almost every day.  The rare days with all sunshine are quite hot.

Yes, quite hot!  We needed to drink some water after this.

We have had zone conferences this week.  Here they're playing a game "Where Does the Money Come From?"  It was a training activity about spending mission funds or personal funds.

Saturday's "Cultural Experience" included a visit to the Samsung Repair Center.

We got there before it opened and beat the crowds.  Kind of reminds you of the DMZ.  (Or the hospital here.)  I was surprised that they didn't speak very much English here, but we were able to get the job done thanks to the service man's translator on his phone.  My tablet is running faster now, but it takes a long time to recharge, so we may have to go back for a new battery.  Now we know the drill.

We had to go find some plumbing and light supplies while we were out and we were successful with that too.  After visiting a couple of apartments, we were done for the day.  We had a couple of long train rides and station transfers.

These kids had the right idea of how to cool off.  These pools were set up in the middle of the city.  They had even blocked traffic for the day.

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