Sunday, August 20, 2017

Olympic Kick Off

We had to say good bye to another elder this week.  He left a little bit early due to his schedule at home.

I wanted a photo of these cute girls on the train.  Love their dresses.  Too bad the ride is a bit bumpy.  They know how to pose!

We went to the big clothing markets (Dongdaemun) to order some curtains for apartments.  We saw this little shop where they make patches.  Those machines can embroider 6 or 7 at a time.

We saw more hat shops than we could count.  I guess it's hat season!

My favorites are the cute children's hats!  And I scored a few new clothes!

On Friday, we went with the Sonksens to visit some apartments while President did some interviews.  Now we have lots more action items to take care of this week.  We'll be hunting for apartments again.

We noticed that they were setting up something downtown.  So Friday night we went to see what was happening.  They were building a huge scaffold structure.  Someone told us they were making a big water slide for the kids to go down.  What could possibly go wrong with that?  Turns out that it was a kick off for the Olympics.

It was 300 meters long!

This elevator took the tubes back up to the top.

There were also beach chairs in a big shaded area on the grass where you can watch the slide or watch the shows.

There were several different performance groups.

The Olympics Mascots

In these igloos (yurts?) different events were represented.

The bobsled rider has on virtual reality goggles like you're riding it for real.  The girl looked terrified!

These kids were trying out curling

and hockey

The Olympic Torch

Bobsled in the city

This guy was making bubbles

Lots of kids playing in the water

Air Rifle

And lots of food trucks.

We had our District (Stake) Conference today.  Part of it was a broadcast to all the stakes in Korea.  Elder Bednar was one of the speakers and our new Area President, Elder Gay.  They spoke about being obedient so we can have the light of the gospel to dispel the darkness of the world.  We were counseled to have faith and to not be overly concerned with the troubles around us in the world.

We are so happy that the Tucson Temple was dedicated this past Sunday and that many of our family was able to participate.  Arizona skies are beautiful too!  We couldn't make it to this temple, but we were able to spend some time at our temple in Seoul!

And to top it all off, our sweet Abigail has turned 8 and was baptized Saturday.  Love my family!

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