Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tucson Temple Celebration, Seoul Tower, Snow Sculptures

The Tucson Temple celebration was Saturday night (Sunday morning here).  Here are two of our grandchildren who were in the Folklorico dance.  Waiting for more photos!  Our grandsons got to shake President Uchtdorf's hand!

On Monday afternoon, some of the missionaries came to have a choir practice.  A new stake center for Seoul Stake will be dedicated in September, so they're practicing for that.  They sounded wonderful!

Then on Tuesday I got a nice surprise from the office elders.  Even though they had to photoshop one of the elders in!

They also delivered this ice cream cake to me from the Sonksens.  The a/c blew out the candles for me!  Our little lunch plates came in handy after all.  And note that I have the MVP award!    

On Friday, I was surprised when we went out to go to dinner and the Sonksens came by and picked us up.  (I thought we were waiting for a bus.)  We met some of the other couples at the Original Pancake House in Itaewon. It is an American restaurant!  It was fun!  They had been planning all this behind my back.

When we go to the bank, sometimes the door man gives us these little drinks.  It's about a two ounce yogurt drink.  The bankers are real nice to us.

Even though my husband teases the teller and makes her practice English!

We saw this restaurant the other day.  Thinking of our Chelsea back home!

Since we had a pretty clear sky on Saturday, my husband said it was time to go visit Seoul Tower.  We waited for the bus here.  (Instead of walking up the mountain.)

You can see the Lotte Tower in this one

Apartment buildings as far as you can see

The President's Blue House is at the base of the mountain.  Our neighborhood behind the tall white buildings.

There are thousands of "Love Locks" up here.

You can see the towers up close here

Part of the old city wall

Beacon fires were build here to warn of enemy invasions.

They also had a toy museum and kid's areas  (Hello Kitty).  Any Iron Man fans out there?

Then we waited for the bus to ride back down.  Maybe we'll hike it when the weather is cooler.

On our way home, we saw all these little tents covering blocks of ice.  We figured out that they were doing something at 6 pm, so later we walked back to check it out.

There were over 250 sculptures.  They each had a styrofoam model to try and reproduce in the ice.  They had various tools to work with.  No chain saws.

A thumb?  Or big toe?

Is he ready for the judges?

This event was sponsored by an ice cream company.  They were giving out treats if you wanted to wait in line for them.

It was kind of nice and cooler with all that ice.  We loved seeing the blue sky.

A good time was had by all!

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