Sunday, July 30, 2017

Missionary Grandparents!

Our big excitement is that our grandson Jacob has his call!  He will be serving in the Peru Cuzco Mission starting in October.  We are so very proud and happy for him.  He had guessed he'd go to Peru!

Here's the missionaries we sent home recently.  One more left this week.  He had extended a week so he could arrive home the same day as his twin brother who was serving his mission in Europe.

We had a few more a/c installations this week.

Made these sisters happy!  They even made breakfast for us.  Kimchi pancakes!  And they're from Australia and Thailand.  Go figure!

This light at an elder's apartment needed some repair.  It was handy to have a tall elder to help!

We finagled an invite to the home teaching pot luck for the Filipino members of our branch.  Brother Grandy gave the message then we had lunch together.  The branch will need to replace him as the home teacher since the Grandys are moving to Africa.  The volunteers are lining up for this sweet assignment!

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