Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mission Tour

The missionaries were getting ready for their group photo with Elder Choi and his wife Sister Yoo and the Sonksens.  This is the chapel where the Chois met each other when they were 16 years old.  Sister Yoo also told us that this is where the first stake in Korea was made when she was 13.

Shindang June 28

Dongdaemun June 29

Gangneung June 30 2017

Here they are teaching the missionaries about having a good attitude.  They were the mission president and wife in Seattle Washington before he was called as a general authority.  Some of the missionaries were having a hard time dealing with the rainy weather.  They started a new rule in their mission to sing in the shower and to sing when they were discouraged.  We are all going to face difficulties, but we may as well be happy so the Spirit will stay with us.  Look Up!

We didn't expect to see our "road" all ripped up.  They put fresh pavement down the next day.

The deconstruction next door continues too.

Saturday we went to the temple with some of the other senior missionaries.  These young people served in the Pusan mission and came to the temple to have a session with their mission president and his wife who have completed their mission.  They were able to spend some time together before they returned to the US.

We went out for noodles after our session.  We loved checking in with our friends.  The Cannons return home Monday, so we wanted to spend some time with them.

These cute girls in the red helped us get directions for the tall ice cream cones they sell around here.  I had to ask for help the other day too because I got on the wrong bus and had to walk farther to my dentist appointment.  I walked way farther than I should have, but they helped me get there.

There were lots of street performers out Saturday evening.

And here's a little cutie keeping occupied on her subway ride.

We also were able to order some curtains for some apartments and get them hung up this week.  Plus I was asked to teach R S today.  So, another busy week for us!

I had an email from a brother the other day asking about our mission to Sendai.  He told me that he and his companion baptized Brother Sekiguchi 35 years ago.  President and Sister Sekiguchi have arrived in Sendai to begin three years of service there and President and Sister Smith have returned to their home in Utah!

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