Sunday, June 25, 2017

Seodaemun Independence Park, BBQ, Tucson Temple

We visited the Seodaemun Independence Park Saturday.  It is just one stop away from us.  If we're on a bus, we usually just look and pass by, but we decided to go take a closer look.  This gate was built in 1897 as a replica of the original gate that was here.  Chinese envoys were traditionally greeted here.

This is the location of an old prison that was built in 1908 when a certain island nation to the west of us invaded Korea and established control.  The prison housed Korean activists fighting for independence.  It was originally built for 500 prisoners, but ended up with a much larger population.

They had various forms of torture depicted, but I didn't want photos of them.  This was one of the least offensive, a cabinet to hold a prisoner in a very uncomfortable position.  Some kids locked their friend in one, but I let him out.

The buildings were partially destroyed after independence, but was reconstructed per the original bluprints.  That's why the bricks are different colors.

The big dish has names of resistance activists who died while imprisoned here.  You can also see the watch tower at the top of the fence.

This exercise yard was built in a fan shape.  The guards could see into all the sections from the base.  The walls were to keep the prisoners from communicating with each other.

A group of school kids getting a group photo.  It was an interesting but sobering place to visit.

The Sonksens have been having some BBQs for investigators recently.  We had a little rain, so this week it was moved indoors.  We had a big crowd enjoying American foods.  Alan got to cook a lot of hot dogs.

Some of our cute friends!

Last week we had a special guest singer at the BBQ.

She has a lovely voice!

Another group performance at the Folk History Center

Apparently they are tearing the building down next to us.  It is (was) a church.

We were surprised to see dirt under the tiles.  Insulation?  There was no nails or adhesives, the workers just stacked the tiles up and took them down.

Then they put a tarp over it to protect it from the rain.

Not sure what's up with these guys on bikes with Mickey Mouse ears.  They about ran over us with  their bikes.  Late for their protest I guess.

This has to be the biggest movie poster ever!  I saw this when I was headed to the dentist.  Spiderman is here!

This is Sister Lloyd.  She and her family lived in Astana after we had left Kazakhstan.  They were visiting the Keeley family in our branch who also lived in Astana after we left.  We enjoyed sharing about our time and friends in Kazakhstan.  And to be able to reconnect with them.  One of our Kazakh friends is in Maryland for the summer.  How fun it is to make friends all over the world!

We had a new branch presidency called today.  It is great to see how the Lord's church rolls forth.  We had to say good bye to more friends who are leaving this week.

We love Seoul

More pictures of our family at the Tucson Temple.  Some of them "forgot" to take a picture!  But they all made it to the open house.

Heather and Nate and their girls and Jackson.  He's in sumo training I think.

Chelsea and Lamar and the boys!

Bryan came from Brazil to take his buddy Cisco to the temple.

Sandy and her little angels riding the bus to the temple.  They have had opportunities to help with the Open Houses and have worked in some intense heat.  Now they continue to work on their dancing for the cultural celebration coming up in August.

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