Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gangneung / Winter Olympics Site

Since one of our senior couples has gone home, we were asked to go to their area in Gangneung and double check on the apartments.  It took the two couples (us and the Cannons) to replace the Schwiegers!

We stopped at a rest area and they have a monitor on the entry wall to show you which stalls are available.  It was not too busy this time.

And Sister Cannon could not resist washing her hands with the alligator faucets at the kiddie sink.

One of the sister's apartments does not have anyone living in it now, so the elders got to help clean it out and take the extra food home out of the refrigerator.

How about this view from the sister's apartment in Sokcho?  It was so nice to get away from the city and see the blue sky and the ocean!

The view of the mountain side is pretty nice too.  There is a lot of construction around this area in preparation for the Olympics.

Elder A was helping the sisters with their drain problem.

And we were able to get right down to the water.  There's no barbed wire at this point.

This was a former USA battleship.  It was used in WWII, the Korean War and the Gulf War.  It is now in dry dock.

This is a North Korean submarine that ran aground off the coastline in 1996.  It was captured and put on display here.

Elder Cannon had spent some time on a US submarine in his previous life, so he was very much interested to see this one.

When they realized they would have to abandon ship, they set fire to it to destroy any information they had accumulated.

It's a good thing we had hard hats!

This boat was used by 11 people to defect from North Korea in 2009.

This ship is actually a hotel.  It is surprising to see it sitting on the mountain!

We also drove through the resort area where the Winter Olympics will be held in February 2018.

On Saturday we had lunch at a Turkish Restaurant with Brother Masa Eguchi.  He is here in Korea on a work assignment.  He joined the church in Hachioji a few years after Alan and his companion opened the area there.  They enjoyed sharing memories of old friends.

We had a good meeting at church today.  We have been teaching a couple of our young men the Temple Prep classes.  They just graduated from high school and are moving away.  One already has his call to go to the Czech Republic.  So many of our members are moving!  The branch president and his family are going to Kenya for their next assignment with the US Embassy.  We also have members going to Nigeria and Sri Lanka, Germany, London, Spain and also places like Wyoming!  It's amazing that we come from and go to so many places around the world.

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