Sunday, June 29, 2014

Welcoming President and Sister Smith; Syonnara to the Rasmussens

The time finally came to go to the airport to greet the new mission president and his wife.  The Rasmussens had been busy all week preparing the home and mission so everything would be in order.

While we were waiting, we took a few shots of the airport showing how high the water was in March 2011 when the tsunami hit.

The blue line on the pole is 3.02 meters.  That's how high the water line was.  Here's a few photos from their display in the airport showing the damage and recovery.  We have not seen very much evidence of the damage in our travels thus far.

When the Rasmussens arrived three years ago, the airport was still closed.  They arrived on the train.

There was quite a good turn out to green President and Sister Smith.

There's a clown in every group!

The next morning, we bade the Rasmussens farewell.  This photo is from the train station, headed to Tokyo.

Well Done President and Sister Rasmussen!  Even though we were only here for the final two weeks of your time here, we have come to love and respect you, and know that you are well loved by your missionaries and the people of Sendai.  Best wishes to you and your family.

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