Friday, June 13, 2014

January 2014

We traveled to Hawaii in January.  It was so good to see Chelsea and Lamar and their (little) boys.  It was the first time we'd seen Dylan and he seemed huge to us!  He was 9.5 pounds at birth, so he just got an early start.

After we'd been there for about a week, we received word that Alan's father had passed away.  It was very sudden.  He had not been feeling well, so Alan's brothers encouraged him to go to the hospital.  He was there for a couple of days, then he was ready to go home.  He called Grandma to come and pick him up and by the time she got there, he was ready to go.  So she took him home.  He asked her to drive slowly because he wanted to see everything.

As soon as they walked into the house, he collapsed on the sofa.  Grandma called the family and we all started making plans to go back for the funeral.  We were able to get a flight to Salt Lake and most of our children came too.  It was great to see everyone.  Chelsea and Lamar and their boys were the only ones missing from our family.

All of the grandsons were pall bearers for their grandpa.

Since he was a World War II veteran, there was an honor guard.

These are all of Alan's cousins that were able to come.

These are all of the grandchildren (except Chelsea)  Sunny is holding her photo so she could be in too.

Grandma and her sons.  Alan, Craig, Scott and Mark.

Our children (minus Chelsea)

Here's most of our little angels.  Michael is also missing along with Damon and Dylan.

Here's the Anderson In-Laws

This was the cover for the program.  We appreciated all the love and support shown to Grandma and the family.  We enjoyed being able to be together at this time.

Then most of the family had to return to their homes and work.  Alan and I stayed at Grandma's for a couple of weeks to help her adjust.  Then we talked her into taking a little vacation to Hawaii.  We went ahead and returned to Hawaii and Grandma followed a few weeks later.

More about that next time!

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