Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 2014 - MTC

The MTC had sent us an email suggesting that we arrive there by 10 a.m.  We wrote back to say we will be late because our plane does not land until 10:16 in SLC.  By the time we got to Provo it was almost noon.  Just in time for lunch!  So we missed the first orientation, but after lunch, we met with the other senior missionaries in our group.

We had such a big group that it took two photos to fit us all in!

Our first week at the MTC was spent learning and practicing Preach My Gospel.  Our young teachers did a great job teaching and inspiring us.  

We also met with some friends from way back when.  Dave and Patrice Minch were in our ward in Tucson West Stake.  They later moved to Rincon Stake and we followed a few years later.  And it turned out that we all started our missions the same time.  The Minch's are serving in Chile.

This is Alan's former companion from his first mission to Japan.  Collingwood Choro (Dean) was one of Alan's early companions.  They worked together in Hachioji, and opened the missionary work in that town.  After their mission, they lost contact with one another.  As we were preparing for this mission, one of Alan's language tutors mentioned that her father had been baptized in Hachioji.  She remembered that Collingwood Choro had been one of the missionaries.  He had stayed in touch with the family and was able to give Alan the contact information for his former companion.

We count this as a wonderful tender mercy from Heavenly Father to reconnect with a former companion, as well as the man that they taught the gospel to.

This is our PMG District.  Our class includes E/S Bowler (Florida Tallahassee), us, E/S Rayback (Washington DC North), and E/S Ashby (London England Hyde Park Visitor's Center) plus one of our instructors, Brother Lee.  We also had Brother Zundel and Sister Yazzie.

Plus, we came to discover that both the Bowlers and the Ashbys have children that live in our Rincon Stake.  And the Bowler's granddaughter is a friend of our Karli!  We love finding these connections!

We enjoyed our time at the MTC making new friends, studying the gospel, going to the devotionals and enjoying good food!  One of our devotional speakers was Elder Cook.  That was a special treat.

We were also able to meet President and Sister Williams who are headed to the Russia Novosibirsk Mission.  It was fun to tell them things they can look forward to when they get there!

On the weekend, we had Seth come and pick us up so we could spend some time with him.  Also, Nolan brought his family down from Idaho Falls.  We all stayed with Grandma.  On Saturday, we decided to go hike the mountain up to the "Y".  Nolan and Keree's kids did so good.  We were all pretty proud of ourselves that we made it !  I think Grandma was glad when she could get her peace and quiet back again!

Nolan and Keree and their little angels, Perry, Harmony, Sebastian and baby Emmett.

Our dear Seth.

And, just to prove that we really made it!

These are strong little kiddos!

And a few more photos for fun.  These two sweet little sisters are from Japan.  Studying English so they can prepare for their assignment at the Laie Temple Visitor's Center.  Little Sister Ohno is also from Hachioji!

The photo you have to have!

We loved watching the new missionaries coming to the MTC and being greeted and welcomed!

This missionary met his best friend as he was getting dropped off!

The second week, we spent in training for mission office work.  

This is the office staff group.  Our friends were headed to Russia, South Africa, South America, New Jersey, Romania, Brazil and lots more places!

It's hard to beat this view from our room!

We love, love, love the MTC!

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