Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 2014 - Family Home Evening

The mission has been holding an open door Family Home Evening once a month.  Since this was the Rasmussen's last time being here, the turn out was terrific.  I think they counted 79 pairs of shoes in the entry!  The Rasmussens are loved very much here!

They showed a video, had some musical numbers and the elders acted out a scene about King Lamoni and Ammon.  Sister Rollins prepared banana splits.  It was quite amazing.  Like feeding the 5000, there was enough and to spare!

This young lady is attending BYU - H studying music.

These little cuties found a place to play at the mission home.

On Tuesday, Elder Yamata, who is a local member and part-time service missionary, took us shopping to get some items for the apartment.  We went to the biggest electronics store you ever want to see.  Talk about sensory overload!  And there are several little DVD players going constantly with infomercials about the various products. 

And we didn't even go onto the side with the entertainment section!
The staff at the store are all very helpful and friendly.  We watched by the entrance to the store.  There were usually two persons greeting and bowing as shoppers came in.  If they happened to get called away, another greeter would appear out of nowhere to take the position.
We were able to get several things ordered.  Like a stove, oven/microwave, ceiling lights, air conditioner, and (ahem) a heated toilet seat.  Seems kind of a silly thing this time of the year, but they assure me that it will be a necessity come winter time!

That evening was the English Class.  In the entire Asia North Area, Wednesday night is the English class time.  It is given as a public service to the community.  Since the Noonchesters were gone to visit their new grandbaby in Tokyo, we braved the trip ourselves.  It is about a 40 minute drive from the mission home.  We left in plenty of time "just in case".  So, we had time to grab a bite to eat at ..... McDonald's!

Our first week of English, we had one little boy.  This time, we had a few more kiddos!

We talked about foods.  We asked who had eaten rice today?  Everyone!  Then we talked about favorites and where do different kinds of food come from.  It took them a while to understand I was teasing when I asked if fish comes from a tree??!!

We went to eat at a little sushi restaurant that Pres. Rasmussen likes.  It has these conveyer belts going around with a variety of sushis and you just take the ones you want.  You can also special order something that you don't see going by at the moment.  The special orders come out on an express delivery.

When you're finished, you ring a bell and the server comes and counts your plates to determine your price.  Good thing the Japanese are very honest.

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