Monday, February 4, 2013

Zholembet Children's Creative House

The next day we visited the creative house in Zholembet.  This village is even further away from Astana.  The roads had some snow and ice, so we had a long, slow ride.  When we got home, I checked to see what 50 kph is in mph and found out we were going 30 miles per hour!  No wonder it took so long!  Anyway, we had a lovely visit with our friends out there.

Our new member (and now our translator) Nurgissa attended this program when he was young.  The director was surprised to hear that he is working with us now.

They gave us a special greeting of bread and candy!

They performed a traditional Kazakh dance.

This cute little girl sang for us.

These boys had done a journalism project using the new printer.

And these kids also performed.

Can you guess the song?   Thriller!

More cute singing kids.

Gotta love Mickey and Minnie!

Cheese!  (They understood that one!)

A lot of kids had permission to miss school to perform for us!

The school gave us a snack, then Nurgissa's mother wanted us to come have lunch with her.  Oh my goodness, so much food!  She made the traditional Kazakh dish, beshbarmak for us. 

It was great fun to meet Nurgissa's mother.
It's almost overwhelming to us to be treated so well.  I told them that many people all over the world have contributed to the church humanitarian fund.  The church sends couples like us to many places in the world, but we are the lucky ones that were sent to be with the lovely people of Kazakhstan!


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