Sunday, February 17, 2013

Balamai Children's Center / Sensory Room

We had another closing ceremony this week.  This was at a handicapped children's center we have visited previously.  The Zone Leaders were in town so, they invited all of the missionaries to come.  They got to have a tour of the center too.  We learned that you can't always depend on the GPS.  We walked around in the cold wind on a sea of glass (ice), and when we got to where the GPS said we were supposed to go, we were hopelessly lost!  But we finally made it.  The first photos are not so good, because my camera was frozen!

The children were doing a little race across the carpet.  One little guy rolled over and over until he made it across the room first.

This is the group of older children at the organization.  The director asked the elders what they are studying in school.  One of them said "Music"  So he got the opportunity to perform for us all!  He sang "I Am a Child of God"  Everyone enjoyed that.

Then it was time to visit the Sensory Room.  This is the new equipment they have recently had installed. 

First Elder A and Nurgissa got to try out their braiding skills.  Then they brought in a little girl to show us how she can use the equipment.  The teacher told a story like she is participating in a fairy tale.  This little girl just beamed!

Practicing walking on different surfaces.

Part of her therapy is to use her hands more.

Nap time for the children.

And of course, they had to feed us!
We all had a great time at Balamai!

Then we came back to our apartment for District Meeting.  While the elders were eating, I took a photo of all the shoes, boots and coats.  There's a lot of miles on all these boots!
And later that evening, we had another English club activity, so it was a long, full, rewarding day!  So glad it's over!


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