Monday, February 4, 2013

Shortandy Children's Creative House

We had closing ceremonies for two projects this week.  The first one was in a little village named Shortandy.  The church has donated sewing machines and computers to this program.  They provide after school activities for about 200 children in 12 different projects.  They are now able to teach sewing classes.

These girls are already practicing their sewing skills.

And they're making clothing for puppets.  It was great to see them actually using the equipment.  They are also learning design and making patterns!

One of the new computers.

Elder D. trying out the keyboard.

This is the director of the organization and her daughter.  She wants to come to our English group!

They always provide a nice snack for us.

The children came in to express their gratitude!

This children's choir was practicing in another part of the building.  Their voices gave me chills! They are practicing for an upcoming program.  Very sweet!

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