Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great News!

So we were given some wonderful news this past week.  All of our elders here in Astana now have their permission to preach certificates.  The missionaries in Almaty were told they can expect to receive their certification within a couple of months, so that's progress at least!  One very exciting thing is that the church has decided to move forward with translating the Book of Mormon into Kazakh.

So, Elder A decided it would be great to have some of our elders speak in church now that they have permission!

We had a chance to visit with a shoe repair man who is deaf.  He is requesting some help so he can train other deaf people in his trade.

This is the shoe repair place.

We needed a sign language translator, plus our Russian / English translator.

They had heard of our other work with the deaf community.  They told us that many of the hearing impaired people move to the city since there are more opportunities here than out in the villages.
We had a party for our English group people and the branch members.  We had a great turn out and everyone had a lot of fun.

Alan is playing Jenga with Mira, our visa clerk.

Our little American girls teaching the games!

And here's what our benches by the river walk look like these days.
So, this is a short post, but the computer has challenged me every step of the way this time!  Until next time.......  Best Wishes from Kazakhstan!

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