Sunday, December 3, 2017

Transfers and Light the World

We were happy to welcome another great group of missionaries last week.  They come from Philippines, Taiwan, all over the US including two Hawaiians this time!

Plus two Koreans who are waiting for their visas.  They will serve in New York and California.

I took this from the bus during our first little snow storm.

Then a few days later, we had some polar winds that brought some beautiful "Sendai Blue" skies to Seoul!

One of our other assignments was to close an apartment.  Apparently, these missionaries were not quite prepared for the move.  But I did pick up an exercise ball and a new yoga mat out of the deal.

After staff meeting we went out to the basketball court to draw out some lines in the shape of a star and a heart.  At the Dong Stake activity on Saturday night, the people stood on the lines.  Everyone had a light to hold (or their phones) to "Light the World".

It made a pretty good design with the city lights in the background.  I'll have to add the real photo from a better angle.  This was after the musical program and snack in the mission office.

I went with some of our sisters and their friends with children to see the Christmas decorations at the Mission Home.

A Korean - style gingerbread house!

A traditional gingerbread house.  These children were excited!

President Sonksen collects nut crackers

A few nativity sets.  The one on the left is Korean traditional characters.

We had all the sisters together for RS today.  We had some lovely messages and music.

These sisters were in Elder Kelly's ukulele group.

We saw this Christmas tree in the subway station today.  The decorations are bagels, donuts and rolls, roses, apples and candles!  Quite unique!

Meanwhile, back at home, our family got together for Thanksgiving and the farewell for our grandson.

Our children and their spouses (minus our Brazilians).  We're so happy to see them together!

All 19 (!) of our grandchildren. (One more to come soon!)

Sunny & Sam's family.  Jacob has been called to the Peru Cuzco Mission.  He arrived at the Lima Peru MTC on Tuesday.

They had an amazing amount of support from family and friends!  We would love to have been there too, but we are so grateful that so many were able to go. God speed Elder Duron!

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