Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Week

This beautiful tree was at the Yongsan Base.  We went for a lovely Christmas buffet with the Whitings and Sonksens.  We were all so thrilled with all the American foods and treats!

And the amazing Christmas decorations.

This gingerbread house is almost big enough to live in!

We had two trips to the airport this week.  Two sisters went home a bit early because of school and family schedules.  More transfers coming this week.  We know our way around the airport now.  It is huge!  Sometimes they have live musical performances.

Sister K and I did moisturizing facial masks before we left for the airport!

Elder B was so helpful taking care of some baggage issues at the airport.

We enjoyed visiting with our family via Skype over the Christmas break.  Our grandson called home from the Peru MTC and that made his Mama happy!  We told our little granddaughters that Santa had already been to Korea and was headed their way, so they better get to sleep fast.  Our grandson told us that his new pants are too long.  So I took a picture of how they wear jeans in Korea!

On our way to visit our dentist one more time we noticed that the city has put up a skating rink at City Hall.  Everyone has to wear a helmet apparently.  There's always something fun going on here.

The count down clock for the Olympics was at 42 days on Friday.  I didn't get a picture because the cross walk light came on and we couldn't miss our chance to cross the street!  Anyway, the Olympics will be coming to Korea in 6 weeks.

And a special shout out to our grand-nephew Ethan who has been called to serve a Church Service Mission at the Bishop's Storehouse and Phoenix Temple!  We have another missionary to love and pray for!