Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas parties - Part I

Monday evening we went to the Yongsan Army Base for their tree lighting celebration at the fire station.  We saw some families from the branch.  Everyone was so bundled up, it was hard to recognize anyone!

They had a few Christmas Carols and turned on the lights.  Santa came by on a fire truck.  Then everyone headed inside for cookies and cocoa.

We've had a couple of days that did not get above freezing.  We have to check the temperature to see how many layers of clothing to put on.

We woke up to snow this morning, but it was already starting to melt by the time we got out of church.

They have hung the "Light the World" banner outside the mission office.

Our "Light the World" photos from last week's activity.

The Ulvestad's and our branch mission leader were the speakers in Sacrament Meeting today.  Brother Hutchison introduced the elders that are assigned to the branch.  Even though they cannot attend meetings that are held on the south side of the river, they are assigned to work with the members.  I got all teary - eyed as he told everyone about their talents.  The bottom line is that you can feel good about introducing your friends to these elders.  

We had our Christmas party on Saturday with the branch.  I was chatting with a sister from Argentina and found out that she is from Bahia Blanca where my parents served 35 years ago!

We had breakfast

Games for the kiddos

And a service project making gift packs for the homeless.  (Hats, gloves, scarves, socks)

Afterwards, we went to see the floral warehouse.  We had heard about this but missed it last year.  They have so many Christmas decorations, it was amazing.

Big balls of yard and felt ribbons!

And the subway car had this old Korean design on the floor!

Tonight the Sonksens had an open house for the missionaries and their investigators in the Seoul Stake.  Everyone had a great time!

They interrupted the dart game to pose for a photo.  The losers "had to" eat a cookie!

These are some of our favorite missionaries!

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